PA Commerce Celebrates 1 Year Driving e-Retail Media in Greece

We’re proud to share that our e-Retail Media Service PA Commerce has celebrated its one year anniversary. In just one year, the service has built up collaborations with 21 of the leading e-stores in Greece’s Health and Beauty sector, as well as more than 100 brands.

According to data from Similar Web, it currently provides coverage for 71% of all pageviews across the top 20 Greek online pharmacies – and we are frequently adding new sites to the list. Given these results, we are planning to extend the service into new countries and retail verticals, continuing to push the evolution of e-Retail Media.

PA Commerce has revolutionized e-Retail Media in Greece

PA Commerce is Project Agora’s specialized e-Retail Media service that helps retailers and brands implement promotions in an automated, measurable way at the Point of Sale (PoS) on large e-Commerce sites. 

The service has driven the evolution of e-Retail Media in Greece: it is the first of its kind to launch and remains the only one in the country. As we expand PA Commerce to cover new verticals from Health & Beauty, we expect more and more brands to understand what an exciting opportunity Retail Media offers. 

How PA Commerce helps brands

PA Commerce creates over 250 million high-ranking product listings on e-pharmacies’ “digital shelves” every month. Using various placement types, PA Commerce enables Health and Beauty brands to build awareness and customer loyalty, as well as increasing visibility and sales.

Furthermore, PA Commerce has so far freed hundreds of man-hours for retailers and brands by automating their processes. Collaborators have the ability to instantly monitor their campaigns’ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) via an Online Dashboard, and get ongoing optimization and guidance from Project Agora’s specialized support team. 

The next steps for PA Commerce

After a year of operation, PA Commerce is expanding fast and getting ready to extend its services into new verticals and countries. “Project Agora is in the exciting position of acting as a catalyst to accelerate the development of the e-Retail Media industry in Greece”, explains Panos Kapros, Product Lead of Project Agora Marketplace. “Our commitment has always been to develop a service that is more efficient for our partners and improves the shopping experience for consumers”. 

We are excited to say, that is exactly what we will continue to do.