Our payments process is changing, to further simplify procedures for Publishers

One of our core values in Project Agora is simplicity for our publisher partners, so that we can help them focus on the things that really matter: producing content and services for their local community. We do so by implementing the latest trends in technology. 

Our new upgraded payments functionality, along with the selection of preferred payment method and complete management of monthly invoicing process is a step further towards this direction.

Our partners will no longer have to produce invoices, as we will be undertaking the process of generating invoices for them. This way we are saving time and administration every month for all parties. Streamlining the billing process, means more accurate invoices and lower risk of delays due to invoicing errors. In addition, we have partnered up with Payoneer, a global leader in mass payments. 

So, no more hassle over invoicing and payments. This way our partners can focus their energy on more important things. Sounds good, doesn’t it? 

(*Monthly invoicing management is not available for companies with legal entity in Romania and Cyprus.)