Optimize Native Ad Performance at Scale with Maximize Conversions

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Our exclusive partner Taboola is constantly innovating to help advertisers improve performance. What started as a single, semi-automated bidding tool — SmartBid — has now grown into a portfolio of bidding solutions for optimizing results across the funnel.

Specifically, we’re ready to shift the conversation away from just chasing easy traffic and decent CPCs, and make it more about the bottom line: driving conversions and performance.

Because, for most advertisers, delivering performance results is more important than ever. Especially in tough economic times, brands need to know that their campaign budgets are driving conversions and revenue. That is, they need to be sure that even after people click, they’ll continue engaging on-site and moving through the funnel.

That’s why Taboola is launching Maximize Conversions: a performance-focused bidding strategy designed to help native advertisers do more with their budgets.

“Our Maximize Conversions campaigns are the clear winners!” said Michael Cadenas, Growth Marketing Manager at Babbel. “They consistently deliver outstanding results allowing us to maximize our budgets while achieving impressive CPAs. Not only that, but these campaigns are also driving the highest ROAS for us at the moment.”

Stop Manually Adjusting CPCs

Until now, the native ad bidding process could be a complex web of manual adjustments; largely due to the volume and range of different publishers. A winning CPC on MSN, for instance, might be very different to a winning CPC for a publisher’s app, such as Weatherbug.

That’s where Maximize Conversions can help. With this tool, advertisers no longer have to think about their CPC. Instead, they just insert their budget, and Taboola’s algorithm will automate the CPC bid to drive as many conversions as possible. The more conversions it drives, the lower the CPA — and the easier it is to meet your bottom line.

“We have experienced a remarkable boost in stability and performance with Maximize Conversions, surpassing our expectations,” said Lieke Verberne, Marketing Lead at Audibene GmbH. “A notable difference being the significant reduction in manual work required compared to our previous methods. We’re looking forward to shifting more campaigns [to Taboola’s automated bidding] to gain more stability and decrease manual work.”

Just imagine the time that advertisers can save by automating bids for performance. Without having to check in on their CPCs, they can spend more time on strategy and creative optimizations to take their campaigns to the next level. Also, they can open up more opportunities to scale their native campaigns across the open web.

Start Automating Performance Results at Scale

The advertising landscape is more unpredictable than ever. In just the past few years, we’ve experienced a pandemic, supply chain shortages, and threats of recession. Even — or especially — with all of these major shifts, advertisers should be able to drive reliable and predictable performance from their campaigns. Whether you want to generate sales, leads or app installs — you need to be sure that your bidding strategy aligns with your goals.

Now, if your goal is to increase conversion volume and drive more than just clicks, Maximize Conversions can be your default bidding strategy. Basically, the algorithm will do the legwork for you, helping you generate as many conversions as your budget allows — and scale your reach across the open web.

Drive Conversions at a Cost Point You Control

Going further, advertisers also have the option of setting a target CPA (tCPA) to their Maximize Conversions campaign. So, say you want to drive conversions but at a specific cost point you control. The algorithm will automatically adjust your bids to deliver results within that target cost. A retailer, for example, might set a tCPA to maintain a steady flow of sales while staying profitable during a slow season.

“Our goal is to acquire new subscribers within a specific CPA target, and we found a winning formula with Taboola’s Maximize Conversions strategy with a set target CPA,” Said Anastasia Trifunovic, Senior Performance Marketing Executive at Secret Escapes. “Our outcome? An impressive 64% reduction in CPA, surpassing our own expectations and comfortably landing us well below our CPA target.”

Navigate the Future of Bidding with Confidence

As the advertising landscape continues to evolve, we’ll be launching new tools and features to help you enhance performance results and make the most of your campaigns.

Up next, we’ll launch the Maximize Revenue feature, empowering advertisers to drive sales at their target costs. So our full suite of automated bidding tools will include:

  • Enhanced CPC — maximize conversion rates based on a given cost per click
  • Maximize Conversions (with optional Target CPA) — maximize performance based on your set budget or target cost
  • Maximize Revenue (with optional Target ROAS) — soon to come

We’re excited to help advertisers bid more confidently and effectively, so they can keep generating performance without breaking the bank. Discover your potential performance on Taboola with Maximize Conversions.