New targeting audience MundoBasket Fans

In anticipation of the Basketball World Cup in China in September, Project Agora is launching a new basketball-fan targeting option. Advertisers will be able to communicate with all the basketball fans out there targeting the specific audience in the most premium local publishers. 

Mundobasket Fans are mainly men, who are interested in basketball more than your average sports fan. Advertisers will have the option to target this specific audience before and during the cup, when their interest in ad content relevant to the world cup or products they typically consume during it, is expected to be heightened. 

This new custom targeting option will be available from 01/08 until the completion of the cup on 15/9. 

Advertisers can use Project Agora’s innovative native ad-formats to reach MundoBasket Fans, boosting their ad performance with guaranteed video views (Cost per Completed Video View, 30” video) and guaranteed engagement (Cost per Click or Cost per Engagement). 

MundoBasket Fans audience persona is available in Greece only. 

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