Social Distancing is not for Brands. Advertise. Confidently.

Project Agora expands its Brand Safety & Suitability offering to provide brands with options to advertise confidently amidst the COVID-19 outbreak

Project Agora is launching a COVID-19 specific targeting feature that allows brands to choose if and under what conditions their ad will show within related news content.

The solution, part of Project Agora’s Brand Safety and Suitability offering, assesses the content of every page of the publishers we work with, on a real time basis and -subject to specific keyword requirements agreed with the advertiser- decides if the context is suitable for the ad to appear in or not.

The targeting feature is already available in Project Agora’s Display, Video and Native Advertising inventory across screens, in the European and MEA markets Project Agora operates in. Major brands, so far cautious with their brand adjacency to such content, can confidently advertise again, now that there’s exponential content consumption uplift in Project Agora’s premium local publishers.

Project Agora’s stance is that: “Social distancing shouldn’t be an issue for brands. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 it is more important than ever to ensure our clients’ advertising appears alongside content that is right. We’re here to protect our clients’ brands -and their investment- from any unnecessary risk. Their ads will serve only in web pages that meet all the specific parameters set.

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