Join us for a hands-on Native Advertising Webinar to boost Black Friday & Holidays sales

Black Friday and the Holidays are quickly coming up and so is our hands-on webinar to help brands capitalize on Native Advertising to boost their end of year sales. Join us on Wednesday 11 November, 3PM (GMT+2), for research based insights and a live platform tour focused on holidays sales.

Native Advertising represents the 3rd pillar (next to social and search) of every successful online business strategy, with our exclusive partner and global leader, Taboola getting the lion’s share of the investment. Native Advertising enables advertisers to own consumer “moments of next” by creating meaningful branded content engagements, in moments when people are actively looking to consume new content, experiences, products or services.

Turning any content asset at hand into relevant ad-experiences, brands can reach their audience at scale through top global & local publishers working with Project Agora. With the use of Taboola’s recommendation technology the engagement is getting personalized and happening at the exact right moment to bring real business results.

With consumer behavior having so drastically change due to COVID-19 circumstances, planning for campaigns has become quite difficult for brands in 2020. Focusing on data and insights and tracking consumer and readership trends is this year more important than ever.

To put theory into action and discover best practices and insights, join our speakers on Wednesday 11 November. Sofia von Wedemeyer, Media Account Manager – SMB at Taboola will share valuable research based best practices for Black Friday & Holidays sales. With her, Leonidas Ropokis, Senior Technical Account Manager at Project Agora, will take participants on a practical, hands-on tour focused on holidays sales and answer any and all questions on how to grow their sales with Native Advertising.

Until then you can start optimizing your campaigns already with the help of the ultimate holidays sales best practices guide for 2020 we prepared in collaboration with Taboola.

Hurry and reserve your slot!