Magic VertiGo: why you should go vertical in mobile advertising starting today

In the last few years, the way consumers watch video content has changed radically. Horizontal. HD. Ultra HD. And so on. But things are about to change. If you don’t want to be left behind, listen to this advice: go vertical!

Welcome into the 21 century!

“Vertical” has become the biggest trend in mobile advertising. No wonder why. A mobile held upright is easier to use. It’s just natural.

Magic VertiGo fits perfectly in this storyline. Launched by Project Agora and a member of the “Magic” family of Impactful Ad-Formats, VertiGo is a new vertical format for programmatic mobile advertising.

Vertical video has flipped the script on the advertising landscape and it only made sense to work on developing a format such as Magic VertiGo. Beyond doubt, it’s the most impactful and authentic way for brands to tell their story and to reach programmatically the ever growing mobile audience when the time, medium and context are right!”, said Thomai Gklarou-Stavropoulou, Project Agora’s International Product Director.

Why VertiGo?

With a fully customizable Call to Action button, VertiGo automatically plays only when it is visible.

• Reach consumers with a Mobile first approach

• Adapt advertising to native mobile behavior, vertical scrolling

• Influence perceptions and impact behavior with a fully immersive Video Experience

• Entertain & connect emotionally to viewers with mobile video storytelling

Accessible to all brands in Greece, Romania, Hungary and the Middle East, VertiGo offers great benefits for advertisers who can now take advantage of the halo effect that every new ad-format enjoys during its first interaction with consumers.

Ad-Format Benefits

• Adjusts advertising to the way consumers are accessing content today in all screens: Vertical Scrolling

• Ads are upright, full-screen placed in mobile publisher content

• It can utilize video to multiply the impact, while still having Call to Action elements to induce actions

• Sits at the center of consumer attention

• It’s polite and non-intrusive

The “Go Vertical with VertiGo” campaign combines a strong visual proposition, with PR, social media and advertising components, unfolding in core target markets: Greece, Hungary, Romania and MENA, aiming to drive both awareness and talkability around this pioneering format across earned and owned media.

We really wanted to create an integrated campaign to fire up conversation and really engage the audience through the creativity of its insight and a really competitive product”, added Dragos Stanca, TDG’s Head of Innovation & Marketing.

See VertiGo in action (mobile only)!