Kinesso is one of the first Taboola certified agencies in Greece

Press Release

Project Agora and Taboola recently launched the global Taboola PRO program in the Greek market

Project Agora and Taboola, working exclusively in Greece and 22 other markets, have recently jointly launched the Taboola PRO certification program for agencies and advertisers.

Kinesso was one of the very first agencies in Greece, and in Project Agora’s markets overall, to successfully complete the program, securing certification for their people and the company as a whole.

Taboola PRO is a by-invitation-only global training program for premium partners. It is designed to provide advertisers and marketers with a comprehensive overview of Taboola and its products, as well as best practices for successful campaigns using Taboola. At the end of the training, participants complete an exam that tests their knowledge so that both they and their company can achieve Taboola PRO certification.

Panagiotis Giannakouras, Chief Digital Officer of Kinesso, said about the experience, “Both myself and the entire Kinesso team are thrilled to have completed the Taboola Pro program, as one of the first agencies in Greece to receive this certification. I have a lot of personal experience with Taboola and I was impressed by the progress the platform has made in the capabilities we can use to further increase the effectiveness of our clients’ campaigns.”

Paulina Tsathiri, Global Agencies Director of Project Agora, added: “With the Taboola Pro program, our goal is for the executives of the agencies we work with to gain even greater knowledge of the capabilities and best practices of native advertising, gaining skills they can use to benefit their clients.”