Introducing our new seasonal audiences

Press Release

We are always updating and enhancing the targeting capabilities we offer to advertisers.

Following the recent launch of our enhanced contextual audiences and the custom contextual audiences that brands can build based on their own keywords, we have now launched a range of seasonal audiences to help advertisers better target consumers during periods of increased commercial interest.

We have created the following seasonal audiences to cover major instances till the end of the year: Summer Fun, Back to School, Eurobasket 2022, Fifa World Cup 2022, Black Friday/Xmas. Using these targeting capabilities advertisers can ensure highly accurate delivery for their campaigns, reaching consumers with real interest in their products during these periods. Using Grapeshot’s topic extraction technology, we shape our contextual audiences so that brands always reach the right user, at the right time, within the right content.

The same seasonal audiences are also available for native advertising campaigns, powered by Taboola.

*Seasonal audiences are available in Greece and Romania.

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