Introducing Magic Story, the Shoppable New Ad-Experience Helping Brands Connect With Their Audience

We’re proud to announce the launch of Magic Story, our new ad-experience purpose-built to help global brands bring the familiar social media Story experience to their open web advertising – creating compelling, shoppable content for consumers. 


How does Magic Story work?

Social Stories are immensely popular with both businesses and consumers, facilitating a level of interactivity and creativity that fuels long-lasting brand preference. 500+ million people use Instagram Stories daily – and one-third of the most-viewed stories come from brands.

Magic Story takes this format and transfers it to the world of mobile advertising across the open web. These “Web stories” are tappable, interactive ads that recreate the experience of the Social Story in a new, more direct environment.

The format enables a level of entertainment and emotional connection that most ads can’t compete with, tapping into consumers’ thirst for narrative and the richly interactive nature of mobile storytelling across a variety of creative formats – from videos and classic ad images to GIFs.

By enabling brands to tag their Stories with product links and clickable CTAs, Magic Story leverages the immediacy and familiarity of Social Stories to create a versatile, shoppable experience that drives engagement, builds trust and generates better ROI for brands. 

Magic Story is distributed across Project Agora’s premium local publishers’ network, within the brand-safe, quality content of hand-picked and audited publishers. Combined with our sharp targeting options, Magic Story will allow brands to reach consumers like never before. 

Here are three key benefits to look out for:

Quicker campaign launches

Developing and launching an ad campaign can be slow and expensive.

Magic Story enables brands to seamlessly repurpose their existing – and proven – creative assets from Social Stories and launch campaigns in a fraction of the normal time. This makes them both more efficient and more effective.

Greater trust and attention

The findings from our 2020 study “Brand Suitability and the Power of Context at a time of crisis” we conducted in collaboration with Union averaged that ~72% of people in Europe, the Middle East and Africa trust news sites to stay up to date rather than social media. 


By bringing Social Stories’ engaging format to the open web, Magic Story maximizes the impact and reach brands can achieve – driving higher engagement, increasing brand awareness and producing more conversions. 

A shorter path to purchase

Social Stories are an exceptional way for brands to showcase their products and engage with consumers directly. 

Magic Story helps brands leverage this engagement, by streamlining the path to purchase for consumers and putting the products they desire just a short click away. And by leveraging Project Agora’s sharp targeting features, Magic Story puts these shoppable Stories in front of the most relevant audience possible. 

Ultimately, Magic Story offers brands the opportunity to connect with their customers through a more direct, commercially-persuasive medium. Sign up today to see how it could elevate your brand.