Introducing CUBE, Our New Interactive Ad-Experience

Press Release

Consumers increasingly want more immersive, engaging experiences, which is why we are thrilled to announce the launch of CUBE – our brand new interactive ad-experience.

As the name suggests, CUBE is a rotating cube that allows users to swipe and discover a different creative on each side of the ad. This makes it the perfect platform for brands to showcase multiple products and tell a compelling brand story. 

It offers advertisers a range of benefits:

More attention, higher engagement

CUBE is immediately eye-catching and encourages active consumer engagement. It brings the kind of experience users are used to from social media to the Open Web making them connect deeper with brands.

Bigger reach, smaller creative cost

CUBE allows advertisers to repurpose creatives to create new brand stories. Using existing assets like images and videos, they can drastically increase their campaign reach – at no extra creative cost. It is available in two different sizes: 300×250 & 300×600.

Increase CTRs and conversions

Each side of a CUBE ad can be linked to a different landing page. This enables campaigns to cover more ground – enhancing both Click Through Rates (CTRs) and overall conversions.

Target the perfect audience

CUBE campaigns only appear on the most premium publishers’ websites – providing a brand-safe environment. They can be combined with behavioral and contextual targeting capabilities within Project Agora’s network, including the ability to block specific content with negative keywords.

Enhancing the Project Agora portfolio

As we celebrate the launch of this new ad-experience, Paulina Tsathiri Commercial Director Marketplaces Greece, Romania & Cyprus of Project Agora, had this to say:  

“CUBE is a dominant trend in advertising formats and it could not be missing from the Project Agora portfolio. It enables advertisers to create campaigns that showcase multiple products and services and bring them to the center of the consumer’s attention —that is within the content of the most premium publishers. This 3D virtual experience gives a huge boost to consumer engagement and ultimately conversions.”

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