How Project Agora Ensures Brand Safety for Native Advertising

Blogpost - Advertisers

Native advertising has emerged as a powerful tool for brands to enhance their performance across the marketing funnel. With its vast reach and advanced technology, platforms like Taboola have become go-to choices for advertisers. However, maintaining brand safety in the native advertising landscape is crucial to protect a brand’s reputation and ensure long-term viability. In this blog post, we’ll explore how we address brand safety concerns and support advertisers throughout their native advertising campaigns.

The Importance of Brand Safety:

Consumers today place a high value on a brand’s reputation and values when making purchase decisions. A study conducted by Forrester-Oracle revealed that 60% of consumers consider a brand’s reputation as the most important factor in their decision-making process. Placing native ads in an environment that contradicts a brand’s values can have detrimental effects on its image and future success. Recognizing the growing priority of brand safety, both advertisers and publishers are seeking solutions to ensure ads are served exclusively in premium, brand-aligned environments.

Our Commitment to Brand Safety:

We more than understand the significance of brand safety in native advertising and implement several measures to address this concern. Let’s explore three key ways we ensure brand safety and support advertisers while they are using Taboola.

  1. Human Ads Auditing:

Unlike automated native advertising platforms that solely rely on AI translation software, Project Agora combines technology with human auditing. We have a dedicated in-house team of native speakers who manually audit 100% of the Taboola ads we run in multiple languages. This meticulous process guarantees that every ad meets the high standards set by both advertisers and publishers. By incorporating human judgment, we ensure a premium level of brand safety that automated systems often fail to deliver.

  1. Guaranteed Brand-Safe Content Environment:

Aligning native ads with suitable content is critical for maintaining brand integrity. We offer advertisers access to hand-picked local inventory and on top we leverage via Taboola innovative pre-bid targeting technology powered by industry leaders like DoubleVerify and IAS. This ensures that advertisers’ native ads are placed in a truly brand-safe environment that aligns with their goals and values. Furthermore, brands have the flexibility to customize their requests and block specific keywords in website titles and URLs. They can also utilize post-bid monitoring tags from third-party verification providers, adding an extra layer of control and safety to their campaigns.

  1. Market-Leading Support:

We go beyond ensuring brand safety by providing comprehensive support to advertisers throughout their native advertising journey. We offer a local, native-speaking account management team in several countries, along with international support services. Advertisers have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one customer support calls, enabling them to discuss any issues or seek optimization strategies. Our in-house campaign operations team provides white glove campaign services, ensuring that advertisers achieve their desired results. Weekly platform trainings and open office hours further enhance the support infrastructure, allowing advertisers to access assistance whenever needed.

Launch native ads with confidence

As native advertising continues to gain prominence, brand safety remains a top priority for advertisers. As Taboola’s exclusive partner across multiple markets, we are committed to brand safety and providing comprehensive support for our advertisers. By combining human ads auditing, guaranteed brand-safe content environments, and market-leading support services, we empower advertisers to focus on growing their brands while we make sure they enjoy a premium level of brand safety in their native advertising efforts.