MOAT Analytics are helping us ensure every video ad impression is valid, viewable & brand-safe

We have recently cemented a collaboration with Oracle, to integrate their MOAT Analytics suite into our InArticle Advertising services. 

The collaboration will enable our Campaign Operations Team to use these advanced analytics to monitor and optimize campaigns – ultimately increasing the impact of our clients’ InArticle video advertising. It will also give our advertising clients greater visibility on their performance.

What is MOAT?

MOAT is a measurement and marketing analytics suite from Oracle; it is the world’s most trusted external third-party Ad Measurement Provider. 

Using real-time data and analytics, it measures how much attention consumers pay to advertising, as well as the quality of the attention. In short, the most trusted external third-party verifies that your video ads are being seen, and that the views are valid and brand safe. This can then be analyzed to help advertisers understand how their ads can be improved and whether they are being effective or not. 

With MOAT, we are able to enhance the way we analyze the performance of InArticle video advertising in real-time – and that is a real game changer for our advertising clients.

How MOAT will further improve Project Agora’s advertising:

  • Optimized performance

Our Campaign Operations team has always optimized your advertising in real-time. But with MOAT’S real-time analytics and alerts, we are able to enhance how we do that and use even more granular data. We focus on the metrics that drive business performance, producing the best possible return on your ad-spend. 

  • Advertisers’ brand safety

MOAT provides a number of advanced metrics which ensure the quality of ad impressions is extremely high. It measures the validity, viewability and brand safety of impressions, meaning advertisers can have true peace of mind that ads are being seen by real people in a quality environment.

  • Trustworthy insights

With MOAT, our InArticle video advertising managed services will run on far more granular data. This means that our reporting will reach a level of accuracy and detail few competitors can touch. 

If you’d like to experience the benefits of MOAT, sign up for your InArticle video campaign today