Habemus Project Agora!

TailWind, the specialized company of TDG in Programmatic Trading and Ad-Tech Solutions & Preferred Partner of AppNexus in CEEMEA, announces the launch of Project Agora in Greece & Romania, in collaboration with some of the leading local publishers and broadcasters.

Project Agora is a brand-safe advertising marketplace with premium inventory, which is based on the principles of real-time advertising and offers superior targeting options thanks to its highly customized audience personas.

Project Agora aims to bring laissez faire in advertising by creating trusted local marketplaces that add value to advertisers, while protecting the interests of local publishers.

Its roster of founding partners contains more than 50 popular publishers and broadcasters in Greece and Romania such as Alpha TV, Star Channel, Skai TV, KanalD, Romania TV and ANT1.

The Project Agora promise is based on the following pillars:

– Brand-safe environment

– Effective targeting of audiences

– Impressive and viewable creative formats

– Measurable effectiveness

– Automated and bespoke service

As Odysseas Ntotsikas, TDG’s Founder and Managing Director, said: “Project Agora is the ideal way for premium online publishers to jointly propel the value of their advertising inventory, reclaim back their market share and regain their strategic independence. Project Agora enables advertisers to sharply target consumers in the right context, in a brand-safe environment, thus enhancing the power of their message.