Join us for our free webinar on Native Advertising

Always looking for new ways to educate our advertisers, we are launching a new webinar: “Skyrocket your sales with Native Advertising”. Our Senior Technical Account Manager, Leonidas Ropokis, is introducing this initiative and explains how brands can benefit from this to empower their business strategy, why his team decided to launch this webinar and what participants will get out of it.

So far we could say that Social and Search Advertising has been the priority for brands. Has Native Advertising also become essential for a successful business strategy?

Native Advertising represents the 3rd pillar of every successful digital media strategy nowadays with global leader and Project Agora’s exclusive partner, Taboola, getting the lion’s share of the multimillion media investment going into this. Advertisers are switching budgets to Native Advertising to either scale the reach of their content marketing and digital PR activities or to drive conversions and sales. The pallet of options as the numerous successful case studies show is very diverse.

How can brands reach their customers with Project Agora and Taboola?

Native Advertising enables advertisers to own consumer “moments of next” by creating meaningful branded content engagements, in moments when people are actively looking to consume new content, experiences, products or services. All this happening within the environment of thousands of premium local publishers such as Proto Thema, CNN, Newsit in Greece, Portfolio, 444 in Hungary, Newsweek, Albra, Bucataras in Romania, Donia Al-Watan, El-Ahly & Arabia Weather in MEA and international publishers such as Bloomberg, Business Insider and MSN.

With the use of Taboola’s recommendation technology which Project Agora utilizes the engagement is getting personalized and happening at the exact right moment to bring real business results.

What was the thought behind launching this webinar?

We are always looking for new ways to educate and help advertisers get actual business results. Both our team and our partners in Taboola have a vast experience on native advertising and how to make the most of it. We are happy and eager to share that knowledge in a practical way with best practices and case studies and an actual platform walkthrough. A Q&A session will also allow participants to ask any questions they want.

What will advertisers gain from this?

The webinar will deep dive into the best practices and tricks top players use on Taboola’s platform to reach new consumers with product discovery moments, drive consideration and deliver conversions that outperform pre-existing ROAS. It is a unique opportunity for advertisers to gain practical knowledge on how to turn any content asset at hand into relevant ad-experiences and reach their audience at scale within Project Agora’s top publishers.

Sounds great. And when is the first one?

We are starting strong on Wednesday 30 September. We are very happy to have with us Rachel Zalta, Global Research & Insights Lead at Taboola, to share research based best practices. With her, Leonidas Ropokis will take participants on a practical, hands-on tour and answer any and all questions on how to grow your sales with native advertising. Looking forward to welcoming you there.

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