Five Ways SMB Publishers can make the most out of the busiest time of the year

The post-pandemic media landscape has been flooded with complex new solutions and products. But the main question for publishers remains simple: how can I maximize the potential of my online real estate and take advantage of the busiest time of year?

Q4 earnings are pivotal in assessing your yearly performance and crossing your ad-sales benchmarks. The final quarter of the year usually brings higher CPMs, as advertisers tend to increase their advertising spend & traffic with higher purchase volumes.

Here are five Project Agora solutions that will help boost your performance:

1. Header Bidding

Project Agora Header Bidding is a meta-header bidding solution that allows your ad server to evaluate the CPM of your sources in real time versus Project Agora’s multi-sourced demand. Higher real time bidding density results in an uplift that can go up to 50% incremental eCPM versus waterfall set-ups. This maximizes the value of every single impression you have, as well as minimizing inventory leakage and discrepancies – thus bringing in more inventory to monetize.

2. Sticky Ads


As the name implies, Sticky Ads enable your ads to keep still as the user navigates on a webpage, regardless of the scroll depth. They are designed to be non-intrusive, and therefore protect the user experience. And they immediately increase the viewability and CTR of your ads, resulting in higher revenues.

3. Next Up

Next Up

Next Up is a sticky slider unit that re-engages users before they bounce. It does so by surfacing recommendations above the fold. On average, this produces a 7-15% increase in Revenue, as well as a 45-59% increase in organic CTR.

4. Explore More


Explore More is Project Agora’s Native Content feature, built in partnership with Taboola. It is designed to encourage mobile users visiting the publisher’s site directly from social media or apps to remain on the page longer.

The feature re-engages visitors before they exit the page, offering them relevant content recommendations through organic and sponsored content. And in doing so, it increases revenue, as well as total pageviews of your website.

5. Taboola Slider Video



Taboola Slider Video Ads are small video ads that swoop in from the bottom right or left-hand corner of the screen, and often remain there as the reader scrolls through the site’s content. They can boost revenues up to 15%.

With these five features, you are ready to level up your monetization strategy, making more money from every page visit this holiday season. Each feature is easy to activate and produces immediate results. And with our expert support team on hand to help, we can ensure they all coexist harmoniously on your website.

To start leveling up your holiday season strategy, book a call here.