Eurobank & Ogilvy Greece Achieved 13% Higher Completion Rate with Contextual Targeting

Press Release

At Project Agora we have been enhancing our contextual targeting capabilities and technology, further upscaling the services and solutions we offer to advertisers.

Big brands, such as top financial organization Eurobank, have already used this advanced targeting technology to strengthen their campaigns, with very positive results. Ogilvy and Eurobank used Project Agora’s contextual audiences in a campaign that surpassed the brand’s original KPIs, with CTR 16% above market average and Completion Rate (CR) for the campaign video 13% above market average.

As we are moving towards a cookie-less future, brands are looking for new ways to locate and target audiences. Contextual advertising and targeting is one of the new strategies marketers adopt, no longer serving ads based on demographic and behavioral characteristics, but based on the type of content they are reading in a particular moment.

Using Grapeshot’s “topic extraction” technology, Project Agora accordingly shapes available target audiences, so that brands always reach the right audience, at the right time, within the right content. This technology scans each article as a whole – not just the title or the URL of the page – to determine the content of the text. This content is then matched with the keywords and phrases that make up the respective audience, to determine affinity. In addition to the audiences that are already readily available, brands can also create custom audiences, perfectly catered to their own needs, based on their own keywords.

“Project Agora was a true partner in helping us leverage the advanced capabilities of contextual targeting. Adding it to the mix enhanced our audience strategy, ensuring our campaigns targeted consumers that were in the right mindset to engage with our messaging and products,” shared Thanasis Paraskevopoulos, Head of Performance Marketing at Eurobank.

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