CUBE launches in Greece with Sfakianakis SA for BMW

Press Release

We have recently added a new interactive advertising experience to our portfolio: CUBE. As the name implies, the ad format is a rotating cube which users can swipe to discover all its sides. CUBE catches the consumer’s attention in a fun way and is an ideal choice for engagement, product showcasing and storytelling.

Advertisers can easily reuse existing creatives -images and videos- to create new brand stories and increase their campaign reach quickly and at no extra creative cost. CUBE is available in two dimensions (300×250 & 300×600) and each side can be linked to a different landing page enhancing CTR and conversions.

CUBE campaigns appear in the brand-safe environment of the most premium publishers. They can be combined with the behavioral and contextual targeting capabilities within Project Agora’s network, including the ability to block specific content with negative keywords.

Sfakianakis SA chose CUBE, which was used for the first time in Greece, for their campaign for the new BMW i4.

Maria Kounaki, Marketing Manager Premium Brands of Sfakianakis SA shared about the campaign: “CUBE was an ideal choice for us to communicate the new all-electric BMW i4 and its unique features, with multiple images in one creative. Users love interactive advertising which brings the experience they are used to from social media to the Open Web and puts them into meaningful contact with a brand.”

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