Adrian Motirlichie: “Project Agora creates value that is tangible & measurable”

Adrian Motirlichie, Business Development Director of TailWind in Romania, talked with about the launch of Project Agora.

This is the english version of the interview:

 Project Agora was officially launched on December 1st in Romania and Greece. What are the benefits it brings to advertisers?

Adrian Motirlichie: Project Agora gives advertisers the chance to address highly targeted audience personas in a premium, brand-safe environment that features dozens of popular local websites.

Additionally, we enable brands to boost their advertising campaigns thanks to Project Agora’s higher viewable rates and its very effective creative formats.

If you also take into account the opportunities offered by the immediacy of real time advertising, it’s quite obvious that Project Agora is an innovative proposal which brings significant benefits to the table for advertisers.

And how about publishers? What’s in it for them?

For Publishers, Project Agora constitutes a substantial, additional source of revenue. For it is an excellent way to create value for their inventory and maximize the value of every impression, by bringing closer to their door hundreds of local, regional and international buyers.

In general, Project Agora’s objective is to unite and empower local publishers to reclaim the market share and strategic independence they have lost to global competitors.

Similar programmatic marketplaces are already live in various foreign markets. What can we learn from such initiatives?

Indeed, there are numerous automated private marketplaces in countries such as France, Denmark, Canada and Australia. All these initiatives were implemented in order to cater for the need of local players to create added value to the end consumer through their cooperation with specialized companies. Therefore “cooperation” is a key prerequisite for success.

Focusing on the example of France, which is the one we’ve studied in depth, it is worth keeping in mind that the 2 private marketplaces operating in the country managed, in just three years, to “repatriate” a significant percentage of advertising revenues.

So, overall, what’s your goal for Project Agora?

In 2015 we plan to expand in two more markets. Our clear objective, as it is the case everywhere we are active, is to educate the market and underline the essential promotional value we create for local and international brands, always in collaboration with our publishers – partners. This value is tangible, measurable and brings results. Isn’t this a reason to be optimistic?