Here is what we do
What is it that you
guys do?

We fight the good fight. We empower top local publishers in emerging markets to extract the maximum value out of their visitors, so that they can invest back in content and services for their local communities.

We work with 2,800+ major websites in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. We use data science and programmatic technology to increase their organic pageviews and match more than 29BN advertising impressions per month with thousands of local and international ads.

We provide advertisers with marketing results via the most impactful ad-formats and sharply defined audiences from handpicked brand-safe top publishers.

And how do you do that?

We make our highly complicated industry a little simpler.

Project Agora is a fully automated solution. Here’s what we do with it:

We consolidate thousands of top brand campaigns in a multitude of fragmented manual and automated advertising channels under one single passage for publishers. We analyze and enhance the performance of publishers’ advertising inventory. We use data science and impactful creative formats to optimize and maximize performance and e-CPM.

This way we keep both advertisers and publishers happy. It makes us sleep well at night.

And why do you
do that?

Because we believe that technology is unequally distributed between the Davids and Goliaths of this industry. And because we care.

We are building an effective, scalable solution for local players that frees up their time to focus on creating locally relevant products and content.

This brings publishers extra revenue, increased traffic, and more time to deal with what’s important.

It brings advertisers marketing results, engagement with real people in a premium brand-safe local context, and breakthrough creative formats.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?