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We build technology that empowers local media owners to get the maximum value out of their visitors, so that they can invest back in content and services for their local communities.

For advertisers, we deliver business results in a scalable, measurable way with guaranteed-results buying models, engaging ad-experiences and sharp targeting options.

We maximize the revenue out of a site’s every visitor

We help publishers increase revenue and grow users with a diverse technology stack. Our ever-expanding list of ad tech solutions is suitable for any site setup and requires simple integration with minimum involvement on the publisher side.

Trusted by 2800+ media owners in 35+ countries

We build a new media revenue line for eRetailers

eRetailers own the hottest advertising real estate today. We help them create a scalable and effective retail media solution to attract higher marketing budgets from brands.

We work with top local retailers

We offer brands & agencies media solutions that bring real business results

We help brands grow their performance across the funnel with programmatic media, retail media and native advertising.

Trusted by 9000+ local and global brands

Success Stories
Latest News
27 Jan 2023
Our partner Taboola & Yahoo Announce Closing of 30-Year Strategic Deal
Taboola & Yahoo officially closed their previously announced deal.
25 Oct 2022
We have fully redesigned our targeting audiences with emphasis on contextual
Following a series of upgrades to our contextual capabilities earlier this year.
30 Sep 2022
Silver award for best in-pharmacy promotion for our work with Lamberts
Our collaboration with Lamberts has earned us a Silver Award.
26 Jul 2022
Introducing our new seasonal audiences
We have launched a range of seasonal audiences to help advertisers better target audiences during periods of increased commercial interest.