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We help publishers increase revenue and grow users with a diverse technology stack. Our list of ad tech solutions is suitable for any site setup and requires simple integration with minimum involvement on the publisher side.

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Latest News
22 May 2024
Project Agora is an ISO Certified Secure Information Organization
This certification is a testament to our commitment to protecting sensitive data and managing information security.
2 May 2024
Havas Media has obtained the Taboola PRO certification
Press Release
Havas Media successfully completed the premium, by-invite program offered by Project Agora and Taboola.
29 Apr 2024
Shielding Your Site: Understanding Why Website Security Is Top Priority
Blogpost - Publishers
Ever lose sleep over the thought of your website getting hacked?
18 Apr 2024
Kinesso is one of the first Taboola certified agencies in Greece
Press Release
Project Agora and Taboola have launched the global by-invite Taboola PRO program in Greece.